1. The Miracle

From the recording The Miracle

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The Miracle

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Written by Arthouse Heroine (Amy Arani + Delaney Gibson) / Produced by Lonely Child


Fuck hope
Fuck feelings
Fuck trying to get better
Fuck healing

Fuck you
Fuck your friends
Fuck everyone
We're all fucked in the end

I'm gonna let my lungs fill with water
Say goodbye to my Mother, my Father

But she says,

This is the part
Where the miracles start
You gotta hang on
Hang on

Well, fuck that
Fuck me
Who the fuck am I to believe
I can be anything

Fuck this
Fuck it all
Fuck trying to win your love
I won't beg, I won't crawl

When there's no air left in my lungs
Will it matter when I'm gone?

Again, she says


Hang on
What would the world do with you gone
I know it’s dark
Look hard you’ll see the stars